The easiest and most effective way of cleaning your space

Using UV-C technology/ uv light sterilization as a germicide and to disinfect and eradicate bacteria and viruses isn't a new thing. This has been used by hospitals since the 1960s. As we emerge from the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the way we deal and and approach cleanliness has to adapt to make sure we are doing everything we can to stop the spread of unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Wanting to help New Zealanders and Aussies emerge from the pandemic with the tools to be prepared for the future is when Clean Space was born. Supplying certified quality UVC lamps NZ at an extremely affordable rental or purchase price is our way of helping your family or business be prepared and ready to tackle any unwanted germs and bacteria , such as the common flu , sore throats and other nasty viruses.

UVC lights


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